Wednesday, 9 November 2016

How Marketo Helps In Digital Marketing

By definition, a marketing automation software gets developed to self-regulate frequent tasks like emails, social media, and other website-related actions. Marketo Inc has been a renowned name in the sector of providing state-of-the-art such kind of software to different kind of companies. This kind of applications is very commonly used in small businesses to large enterprises. When properly used it may lead in enhances marketing and sale processes. However at present the world has been digitized to a larger extent, Marketo aims to update marketers with thorough digital marketing science and techniques so that they can get benefited. Here are some of the ways through which Marketo has been a digital marketing wizard.

How Marketo Helps in Digital Marketing
Digital Marketing & Marketo

  • Nurturing leads to profitable sales: We are all well aware of the concept that buyers already form an opinion and make decisions before they approach the sales representatives. But if one manages to form a stable relationship with these buyers before they interact with the salespersons then they can secure a sure shot business deal from them. Marketo solutions shall aid entrepreneurs to create an overall brand awareness through creating demand-based campaigns among the prospective consumers. The main logic behind such kind of activity is to help marketers think like their targeted masses so that they can deploy the right strategies for their businesses. Marketo solutions also help in enhancing the entire lead quality before they get passed to the sales department. With the help of automated and personalized marketing campaigns, it becomes easy to engage potential consumers.
  • Long-lasting customer bond through email marketing solution: Email marketing has been one of the most utilized methodologies for brand promotions. Marketers use them every now and then, but now with Marketo email marketing suite they have a way to stand out from the other promotional emails. These email shall become more inducing for the individual consumers. Corporate professionals can receive a general view of each target customer across the web, email, social and mobile channels. This shall facilitate them to make customer segments based on behavior, preferences, and demographics for a relevant one to one conversation with each of them through emails. Email marketing solution from Marketo also offers an additional and automated A/B testing feature for your ongoing campaigns so that one can be sure of the outcomes. Last but not the least, this solution can assist marketers to assess the total click and opens of their emails in order to measure the audience engagement.
  • Enhance mobile marketing campaigns to drive more customers: Smartphones have become dominant at this digital age. Mobile interactions are now considered to play a major role in the journey of a customer. Marketo offers a 360-degree view for each user accessing client websites so that the marketers have the option of interacting with them individually based on their mobile app activity, behavior, and geographic location. This gives them a more personalized experience while browsing websites through their mobile phones. More and more apps get developed nowadays, hence there’s a pretty good chance of being monotonous when you think of developing an app for showcasing your business. By using Marketo mobile marketing service you get the edge of targeting the right audiences who can get engaged with your app thoroughly as well as become loyal consumers in the long run. Not only this, marketers can connect to each of their mobile app users with real-time messages to get the idea of the general engagement metrics. Marketo mobile marketing solution also has data-driven performance metrics to enable entrepreneurs get an idea of the strategies they can implement to boost the ROI.
As Marketo products give a lot of focus to customer engagement, they have been popular among many corporations today. It brags of having over 3000 customers and 250 partners on a global level. Its email marketing solution is bi-directional and gets integrated with the demanding CRM tools such as MS Dynamics, SugarCRM, SalesForce etc. Marketo hosts an entire community of marketers for idea sharing, collaboration, and product development tactics. I have picked up just a few aspects about the perks of having Marketo solutions to bring out the best in your digital marketing campaign, there might be more yet to be discovered. So give them a try to get more insights.

Written by: Sasha Larys
List Source: Marketo technology users email list
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Wednesday, 12 October 2016

6 Things to Consider While Choosing Cloud Provider

As we already know that cloud service providers are such companies who offer all kinds of networking services, infrastructure, or business software in the cloud. These services are generally set up in a data center which can be easily accessed by various enterprises or individuals who use network connectivity. These kinds of solutions are provided many large organizations and there has been an increased usage of cloud services since the year 2015. However, there are few things one should consider before choosing the right solution provider. Let’s have a look at these aspects.

  • Pricing details: Before getting a hold of the cloud service provider on a permanent basis for your company’s data needs, make sure that you have a thorough look over the subscription plans of the providers. There are many providers who offer cheap rates, but it’s always advisable to select someone who gives a more flexible pricing which shall be convenient for your IT needs.
  • Industry reputation: A company which has been in the sector of cloud servicing for a long time has a lot of experience and has been established as a reputable brand itself. You don’t need to provide any corporate briefings to such companies; they are already aware of your cloud requirements and customize solutions for your necessity.
  • Financially secure: Financial security of the cloud vendors is an important criterion to think about before signing corporate contracts with them. The vendor needs to be performing for or more than 10 years in the market so that you can be rest assured about it. Try to investigate about its position in the stock market to be more certain.
  • Great customer service: There’s no use of purchasing cloud solutions from vendors who are least bothered about customer service. It’s always best if the firm offers 24/7 assistance through call or email to the clients. A thorough search is necessary relating to customer satisfaction and employee approval ratings of the service provider from different sources.
  • Network Control: The cloud provider should have a sturdy, secure and expansive network in order to support good quality connectivity. Cloud services take up a humongous bandwidth, so efficient network connectivity is required to make sure that your company’s IT needs are taken care of well.
  • Security and Compliance: Cloud vendors must be capable in terms of certain security factors such as anti-malware protection, forensic analysis, data eradication encryption mechanisms, identity management, government and industry regulations, role-based access control system etc. Information managing is not an easy job, these providers should be able to instill trust for them on the different IT companies in order to generate revenue.

It is indeed intimidating and confusing to choose the right vendor from so many cloud service providers. Nowadays there has been a growing trend of businesses to shift to the public cloud. Choosing the wrong service provider might result in an expensive and tedious mistake. So assess your options carefully before acting.

Written by: Sasha Larrys
List source: Cloud service providers email list
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